Our Story

Why we invented the CoreX…

My name is Markus Scholten.


I invented the CoreX because I needed a machine that could offer both cardio and strength training not bigger than my indoor rower!

I was a pro-cyclist in my early twenties, until a serious crash ended my career. I still love cycling and raced on an amateur level through out my 30’s and 40’s.

But when I became self-employed, I lost the time to ride/train 2-3hours a day and I started to put on some serious weight.

The injury I sustained during my cycling career did not allow me to lift weights. My elbow would stiffen and hurt for days after working out.

I decided to join Orange Theory, a boutique fitness franchise and I noticed that the rowing did not hurt my elbow.

Orange Theory was fun and it got me fit and I lost some weight, but time was still a concern and I didn’t see a six pack forming, so I lost my motivation.

Long story short, I bought an indoor rower aiming to get fit but it started to collect dust after a month of using it.

A picture of me at the beach with my daughter woke me up and I knew I needed to do something to lose weight because I did not recognize the guy in the picture.

I took my dusty rower and converted it to a Kayak/canoe simulator. Now I could Row and Kayak, braking up the monotone back and forth of the rowing.

While working out, I decided to add cross country skiing to the mix.

I designed and built a new machine from the ground up that would allow me to Row, Kayak, Stand-up paddle board and cross country ski.

I was happy and my body started to change.

My wife requested that I build her a machine that could tone and build her muscles.

I added a friction resistance in addition to the magnetic resistance, lowered the seat closer to the floor and now the CoreX offers over 100 strength and body building exercise like:

    1. Thruster
    2. Standing bicep curl
    3. Single arm standing bicep curl
    4. Single arm standing hammer curl
    5. Seated concentration curl
    6. Seated wrist curl
    7. Standing reverse curl
    8. Seated chest press
    9. Seated chest fly
    10. Push-ups
    11. Push-ups with resistance
    12. Narrow hand push-up
    13. Wide hold push-up
    14. Pull up’s
    15. Wide Pull up’s
    16. Lat pulldown
    17. Tricep push down standing 
    18. Tricep push down lying down
    19. Tricep kickback
    20. Tricep extension
    21. Tricep extension seated
    22. Seated overhead tricep extension
    23. Two arm tricep kick back
    24. Single arm tricep kick back
    25. Shoulder press standing
    26. Shoulder press seated
    27. Upright row
    28. Shoulder rotation standing
    29. Shoulder rotation seated
    30. Front raise
    31. Side raise
    32. Kneeling crunch
    33. Crunch
    34. Reverse wood chop
    35. Forward wood chop
    36. Twist standing
    37. Twist seated
    38. Twist with kayak paddle
    39. One sided twist with SUP paddle
    40. Ab crunch
    41. Russian twist
    42. Bicycle seated
    43. Bicycle standing
    44. Reverse Crunch
    45. Sit-up
    46. Standing trunk rotation
    47. Side bend standing
    48. Side bend seated
    49. Row seated
    50. Row Standing
    51. Back fly
    52. Bent over side raise
    53. Bent over row
    54. Squat
    55. Barbell squat
    56. Leg lift 
    57. Romanian deadlift
    58. Masting curl 
    59. Abduction
    60. Adduction
    61. Standing kick back
    62. Calf extension
    63. Pull through
    64. Hip Flexor
    65. Forward Lunge
    66. Reverse lunge
    67. Side plank
    68. Plank
    69. Arnold press
    70. Alt press
    71. Squeeze press
    72. Bench press
    73. Decline push-ups
    74. Dips
    75. Single arm press 
    76. Knee tuck
    77. Oblique Bench crunch
    78. Toes to ceiling hip raise
    79. Reverse crunch
    80. Standing hip extension 
    81. Standing hip extension reverse
    82. Calf raises
    83. Standing leg press
    84. Standing hip flexion
    85. Lying down leg press
    86. Lying down single leg press
    87. Scissor kicks
    88. Flutter kicks
    89. Lying hip rotation
    90. Single leg lying hip rotation
    91. Seated chest press
    92. Chest flye
    93. Single arm seated chest press 
    94. Single arm chest flye
    95. Single arm seated chest press
    96. Single arm seated flye
    97. Seated shoulder press
    98. Standing front raise
    99. Rotator cuff internal rotation
    100. Rotator cuff Diagonal Rotation
    101. Rotator cuff high external Rotation

    With the CoreX, I can have a different cardio and or strength and body building workout every day of the week.